Thunderbirds Custom Jerseys

WINSTON-SALEM, NC - Thunderbirds fans hopes have been answered, as a second opportunity was offered to purchase Carolina Thunderbird's souvenir jerseys.

All custom jersey orders had to be pre-paid upon order but this was met with no opposition. The cost per jersey was $80 to $85, included choice of red or white, customization of fan's name and number (sample jerseys in the below photos). 

As these are not the official game jerseys they will later have, they were able to offer them at this great, low price. (Names and numbers are supplemented, not sewn on)

If you missed out and are interested in getting yours, email with your size, color, name and number, and contact information.  She will record the information for a possible third order!  After the order form is filled, you will be asked to call the Carolina Thunderbirds with your credit card information for a secure transfer.