Thunderbirds reveal new "The Script and State" logo

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.- The Carolina Thunderbirds announced on Monday afternoon a new logo for the team to use in its branding.

The new logo, called “The Script and State,” and was designed in principle by vice president of media relations Drew Blevins.

“Kelly [Curl, team general manager] let me run with an idea he had for a new logo that foregrounded our state and location. It was a fun project for me and one that he was a great partner to work with on,” said Blevins.

The logo features “Carolina” in a curled, stylized script with the Thunderbirds logo nested inside the state of North Carolina below.

“It’s cool for us to pay a tribute to the minor league baseball heritage of our state and our area,” said general manager Kelly Curl, “It’s a fresh kind of way for us to commemorate our state’s tradition and use this as a great extension of our team branding.”

North Carolina is currently home to 12 minor league baseball franchises and has hosted many more across the state’s history. The class-A advanced affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, the Winston-Salem Dash share the city with the Thunderbirds currently, although many from the Triad remember the days of the Winston-Salem Red Sox at Ernie Shore Field.

“What’s special for us about this project is it’s so uniquely North Carolinian,” said Blevins, “and any chance to represent your home state and the sport of hockey at the same time is something special.”

“The Script and State” will be one of two alternate logos for the Thunderbirds to use in their team branding, but will not be replacing either the team’s primary mark or the secondary mark of the state and bird released last year on the team’s black jersey shoulder patches.

The new logo will be available on merchandise after the turn of the calendar year. Please stay tuned to the official team website and social media channels for more information on when new merchandise will be available.