Thunderbirds Announce Protected List for 2023-24


The Carolina Thunderbirds today announced their protected players list for the upcoming 2023-24 FPHL Expansion Draft. 

Current FPHL teams may select any combination of 15 players from their roster to be unavailable during the forthcoming expansion draft with Baton Rouge and Wytheville slated to join the league next season.  

The Thunderbirds organization has officially submitted the following list of 15 players to the FPHL.


Jon Buttitta, Dawson Baker, Jan Salak, Josh Koepplinger, Jacob Schnapp, Gus Ford, Petr Panacek, Jiri Pestuka


Joe Kennedy, Blake Peavey, Danny Martin, Viktor Grebinnikov, Tucker Firth


Greg Hussey, Mario Cavaliere


Lucas Rowe, Matthew Bazarin, Brendan Hussey, Justin Pringle, Boris Babik, Charlie Pelnik, Troy Murray, Cameron Ison, Justin Bioni, Jarrett Meyer, Vinnie Susi

Any unprotected players will be eligible for selection by Baton Rogue or Wytheville in the expansion draft, scheduled to take place during the first week of June. Carolina retains the rights to any players on the protected list. The Thunderbirds will also retain the rights to any unprotected players who are not selected in the expansion draft prior to the league's free agent signing period.

Each existing FPHL franchise can only lose a maximum of 4 unprotected players from their 2022-23 active roster in the expansion draft.

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