League Unveils 2019-20 Schedule

Winston-Salem N.C. – The Federal Prospects Hockey League has unveiled the full 286-game schedule for its 10 member teams in 2019-20. Teams will play between 56-60 games between late October and early April. The Carolina Thunderbirds will be playing 57 games; 30 home (the league's maximum) and 27 away.

The Carolina Thunderbirds will begin their third season of play in the same place last year’s championship season ended. On October 25th and 26th in First Arena, Carolina will play against the Elmira Enforcers in a rematch of the 2019 finals. The Thunderbirds season will conclude on the road as well, against the Columbus River Dragons on April 4.

Carolina’s home opener is on November 8 against the Danbury Hat Tricks and will honor last year’s Commissioner's Cup Championship. There will be a banner unveiling and special promotions that will be announced later on this offseason.

The Elmira Enforcers will be back in Carolina for the rematch part two on December 12 and 13. This is the only time Elmira will be in Carolina this season.

Carolina will also be hosting holiday games on both Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Michigan will be visiting the Thunderbirds on Turkey Day, while the new team down south, the Columbus River Dragons, will be the Thunderbirds opponent as they ring in the New Year.

The Michigan team is currently "to be released" by those in charge of the franchise.

Carolina will have 12 Friday night home games, 13 Saturday night home games, three Sunday home games, and the aforementioned holiday home games. The Thunderbirds' longest home stint will begin January 10 and end January 25 with three weekends straight at home. Mentor, Delaware and Mentor again are the opponents for the six-game homestand.

The Thunderbirds home slate ends March 27-29th with a three-set against the Danville Dashers. This will be our "Fan Appreciation Weekend" celebrating what should be another great year of Thunderbirds hockey in the Triad.

The full promotional schedule for the 2019-20 season will be released on a later date. Season tickets plans for 2019-20 are available now by calling 336-774-4625.

All Thunderbirds games, home and away, can be heard on the Thunderbirds flagship WTOB (980AM and 96.3 FM) in Winston-Salem.

Full Thunderbirds Schedule

10/25/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvElmira Enforcers
10/26/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvElmira Enforcers
11/1/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvDelaware Thunder
11/2/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvDelaware Thunder
11/8/2019Danbury Hat TricksvCarolina Thunderbirds
11/9/2019Danbury Hat TricksvCarolina Thunderbirds
11/15/2019Danville DashersvCarolina Thunderbirds
11/16/2019Danville DashersvCarolina Thunderbirds
11/22/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
11/23/2019Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
11/28/2019MICHIGANvCarolina Thunderbirds
11/29/2019MICHIGANvCarolina Thunderbirds
11/30/2019MICHIGANvCarolina Thunderbirds
12/6/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvMICHIGAN
12/7/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvMICHIGAN
12/13/2019Elmira EnforcersvCarolina Thunderbirds
12/14/2019Elmira EnforcersvCarolina Thunderbirds
12/20/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvMentor Ice Breakers
12/21/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvMentor Ice Breakers
12/27/2019MICHIGANvCarolina Thunderbirds
12/28/2019MICHIGANvCarolina Thunderbirds
12/31/2019Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
1/3/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvMICHIGAN
1/4/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvMICHIGAN
1/10/2020Mentor Ice BreakersvCarolina Thunderbirds
1/11/2020Mentor Ice BreakersvCarolina Thunderbirds
1/17/2020Delaware ThundervCarolina Thunderbirds
1/18/2020Delaware ThundervCarolina Thunderbirds
1/24/2020Mentor Ice BreakersvCarolina Thunderbirds
1/25/2020Mentor Ice BreakersvCarolina Thunderbirds
1/26/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvMentor Ice Breakers
1/30/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvDanbury Hat Tricks
1/31/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvDanbury Hat Tricks
2/1/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvDanbury Hat Tricks
2/7/2020Watertown WolvesvCarolina Thunderbirds
2/8/2020Watertown WolvesvCarolina Thunderbirds
2/9/2020Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
2/14/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvDanville Dashers
2/15/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvDanville Dashers
2/21/2020Port Huron ProwlersvCarolina Thunderbirds
2/22/2020Port Huron ProwlersvCarolina Thunderbirds
2/28/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvWatertown Wolves
2/29/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvWatertown Wolves
3/6/2020Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
3/7/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
3/8/2020Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
3/13/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvPort Huron Prowlers
3/14/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvPort Huron Prowlers
3/15/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvPort Huron Prowlers
3/20/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
3/21/2020Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
3/22/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
3/27/2020Danville DashersvCarolina Thunderbirds
3/28/2020Danville DashersvCarolina Thunderbirds
3/29/2020Danville DashersvCarolina Thunderbirds
4/3/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
4/4/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons


The Carolina Thunderbirds are proud members of the Federal Hockey League, now in its tenth season. The Thunderbirds are looking forward to their third season of play and one where they hope to defend their 2018-19 Commissioner's Cup Championship. The Thunderbirds welcomed in nearly 95,000 people to their home, the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex, during their championship run shattering their old team attendance record in the process. Season tickets for 2019-2020 are available now by calling 336-774-4625.