Columbus stuns Carolina in 4-0 victory

WINSTON SALEM, North Carolina The Carolina Thunderbirds, proud members of the Federal Prospects Hockey League falls 4-0 to the Columbus River Dragons.

Thunderbirds fans were absolutely stunned in a game that saw Carolina fail to put one in the net in a total of 47 shots. Karpinski deserves much of the credit in this win, usually Carolina can get at least a few goals in shots like that.

Early in the game, Carolina was not able to get as many shots on goal as they would like, this ultimately derailed the Thunderbirds offense, which was never able to get going. Carolina usually can give you 15 shots on goal by the end of the first, however, they could only muster 7 by the end of the first period. 

Jay Coop really wanted to give his former fans a reason to be upset, giving Carolina 2 goals late in the game, one late in the second, he proved to be the real nail in the coffin. 

Later MJ Graham got one in one when multiple attempts rattled the Carolina defense. Ultimately, Carolina was stunned in their game with Columbus, what was proving to be a good winning streak to get back on track after dropping 3 to Danbury, was stopped short at just two wins. 

Carolina will be looking to get a win to get on another winning pace when they go North to Danville to take on the Dashers. Meanwhile, the Annex will still have hockey as the ACCHL tournament will be underway.